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Review of Tanaporn Massage House


December 2011


Every tourist beach in Thailand probably has a place where you can get a Thai massage. And certainly nearly every expensive resort and hotel in Thailand offers spa treatments. These Thai massages and spa treatments differ widely in quality. In Thong Nai Pan Noi the three luxury resorts have spa facilities. The Panviman has the Viman Spa, the rebranded Anantara Rasananda has a spa behind the reception area and a slightly exotic sounding ‘tropical steam cave’. And Santhiya has the Ayurvana Spa. They all charge a lot of money (in line with their room rates) and are no better than Tanaporn Massage House; indeed maybe worse.


It is well known by people who return to Thong Nai Pan Noi frequently that the place to go for a Thai massage or spa treatment is Tanaporn House. You get friendly service, beautiful surroundings, a relaxing atmosphere and a highly professional treatment or massage.


It is a family run business. The ‘hands’ behind the business is the highly qualified and experience ‘Pi-Porn’. She is a practitioner of the Wat Pho style of massage. Her husband is the welcoming and cheerful soul, Greg who hails from England. The couple has a team of qualified masseuses working for them.


You can find a price list of all the massages and beauty spa treatments offered at Tanaporn Massage House on their website. It is refreshing to see a business in Thailand that is up front about its costs. Interestingly enough, both Viman and the Rasananda Resort fail to include a price list on their websites. Santhiya does.


At Tanaporn they are able to offer herbal saunas, tamarind body scrub, aromatherapy massage, various face packs, hot herb compress, Tok sen therapy and child and baby massage.


I went there several times after I hurt my back playing Frisbee. Yes, a beach can be a dangerous place. Pi Porn pressed and kneaded my body, and pulled my limbs with some vigour. At the time it hurt but after the massage session my back felt much better.


The philosophy of Thai massage is to regulate the energy (‘lom’) going through the body by working the channels (‘sen’) to remove blockages. It is a form of medicine that has existed since the Buddha 2,500 years ago and has its roots further back in time in ancient yoga practices.


With the stressful, sedentary and toxic lives that many of us lead today we definitely need a helping hand with Thai massage. If you are in Thong Nai Pan Noi the place to go to get that helping hand is Tanaporn Massage House.


Pi Porn at Tanaporn Massage House

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